Thank you for choosing to participate in Trend Micro's Transform Your Business (TYB) Program. Our goals are to:

    1. Support you in becoming a Cloud Security expert
    2. Differentiate yourself from your competition
    3. Grow your business quickly & profitably

    This "playbook" is a quick reference guide to help you get familiar with our TYB Program. It provides you with unparalleled access to an array of product and cloud solution training, as well as a wide-range of marketing materials such as print, digital, promotional materials, and marketing templates that you can customize to create your own marketing pieces, tailored to your customers.

End User Benefits
Getting Started

Cloud computing represents a significant revenue opportunity. Trend Micro created TYB to help you capture that opportunity and to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

With TYB, you can expand your customer base by enhancing your marketing and sales capabilities around cloud solutions. This playbook streamlines both the training and marketing campaign elements of the program.

Trend Micro will help you BOOST, TRANSFORM & ENERGIZE your business.

As your customers begin to see cloud technologies as common practice, rather than cutting edge, deploying cloud technology projects will become the preferred option and you will be their subject matter expert.

TYB your business will help you learn to reduce customer costs and increase their business efficiencies, all while boosting your sales.

Knowing who your customer is, is the first step. The emergence of cloud solutions has changed the face of the SMB IT end user, therefore understanding who you are selling to is pivotal to your success.

We have provided a typical cloud security solution end user profile (see the PDF).

Start by reviewing the material in the Training section before moving to the Marketing section. The training tools have been designed to familiarize yourself with Trend Micro solutions, as well as providing education around cloud solutions. This training will allow you to have business-value conversations about cloud productivity services with your customers.

Once you have gone through the training materials, you will be ready to use the TYB marketing materials that allow you to bring your offerings to market and expand your business opportunities.

These marketing materials can be used as an entire marketing campaign or you can pick and choose some or all of these elements to drive your own sales activities while substantially reducing your time to market and your costs.